• The Joker, Spawn, And The Terminator Join Mortal Kombat 11's Roster, Watch The Trailer

    Click to watch embedded media The final entries in Mortal Kombat 11's DLC character pack have been announced, and they're awesome! Along with DC Comics' The Joker, Netherrealm is adding Todd McFarlane's Spawn, series veteran Sindel, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator T-800, and it's designed to look like his older version from the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate film. These characters join the already released DLC characters of Shang Tsung and Nightwolf. You can play as Arnie on October 8, Sindel on November 26, The Joker on January 28, and Spawn on March 17. Each of these characters comes with unique skins and gear. This likely won't be the end of the character additions, and odds are we'll get another pack in 2020 with more familiar combatants returning and other licensed characters entering the bloody fray.

  • No Man's Sky: Beyond Getting Physical Disc Release

    Hello Games has announced that No Man's Sky: Beyond is getting a physical release on PS4, and it's hitting store shelves on September 10. The content therein is otherwise a free release if you already own the game, and it features online multiplayer, a VR mode, and more. The physical disc also naturally contains all the game's updates to this point in remastered form. [Source: Official PlayStation Blog

  • Path of Exile's Blight Expansion Arrives September 6

    Grinding Gear Games is set to launch the next Path of Exile expansion, Blight, on September 6. While all leagues add new things to the game, this new offering gives players some major ways to customize their characters by engaging in new mechanics. Fungal blights draw from the tower defense genre to create defense scenarios where the player is still active and essential to victory, but where charged up towers create a defensive perimeter, allowing chilling, fireballs, and more to assist players holding out against waves that follow fungal lines. Players can decide which towers to use in each instance and earn special oils that can fine tune rings and amulets. However, the big draw is for rare oils that can be used on new special sets - sets that allow you to draw from Path of Exile's immense passive sphere grid and place high-tier notable passives right on your items. These sets allow you to "break the rules" and use passives you're not even connected to, perhaps far far away on your passive tree, tapping into intense customization potential. Of course, you'll need plenty of vials and fungal events to make this happen. The blight system appears on every stage, but also extends to the map and atlas endgame system. Maps can roll as blighted, meaning the entire stage becomes one giant tower defense with potentially dozens of wave paths - a perfect opportunity to load up on expansion resources. Blight launches September 6 on PC and September 9 on Xbox One and PS4. &nbs

  • PES 2020 Gets Exclusive License For Euro 2020 Competition

    Konami has signed another exclusive license for its PES 2020 game this September – Euro 2020. The summer tournament will feature over 50 national teams and be included as a free update for the game. The company says the DLC is planned for a spring release, and includes each national team's kits as well as the tournament's official ball and "the hosting stadium." The latter indicates only a single officially replicated stadium being used for the DLC, meaning other stadiums used may draw from the game's existing supply. This recent news follows the previous announcements of the inclusion of the Serie A license among others, as well as the exclusive deal for global mega-team Juventus. [Source: Konam

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's First DLC Pack Dated

    Nintendo Europe has dated Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order's first DLC called Marvel Knights: The Curse of the Vampire for September 30. Nintendo of America has yet to announce the DLC for over here as of the time of this writing. The DLC contains Blade, Moon Knight, Morbius, and the Punisher as well as Gauntlet mode, a rapid succession of co-op challenges. [Source: Nintendo Euro

  • Apex Legends Lootbox Controversy Devolves Into Flame War [Update: Vince Zampella Comments]

    Update 8/19/19 7:50 p.m. CT: Respawn chief Vince Zampella has posted a comment on Twitterabout the issue. pic.twitter.com/j8woV7g9Tx — Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) August 19, 2019 The original story from 8/18/19 at 4:06 p.m. CT is as follows: Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment apologized to fans on Reddit for a loot box controversy related to Apex Legends' Iron Crown event. However, the conversation didn't exactly go well. To recap, the Iron Crown event had several cosmetics bundled into the Iron Crown Collection. These cosmetics were exclusive to the event and you could only nab them through lootboxes. Getting said lootboxes, however, was an expensive endeavor. For example, the Bloodhound's heirloom set could only be attained after spending around $200 on lootboxes. The apology thread on Reddit devolved into chaos, with a series of inflammatory comments — not just from disgruntled gamers, but from Respawn too. Instead of trying to calm the crowd or control the situation in a peaceful way, Respawn developers launched their own insults back at their fanbase by calling them "a**hats," "freeloaders," and "dicks." This flame war led the Apex Legends community to write an open letter addressed to Respawn. You can read the entire message below. You committed the ultimate cardinal sin, you got personal. You, as a team of professionals trying to make money, got personal. You got personal and decided to insult your playbase, calling us "ass-hats" and "freeloaders". Not a wise move. We won't forget this. You've set a new tone for the kind of interaction we'll be having with you. It's a cold one. One where there aren't any illusions about the reality of the situation. Previous notions of "family" are dead. We are mere consumers to you, and that is obvious. You have chosen to bring in a new era of hostility and bitterness. Well done. Great PR move. We've reached out to Respawn and Electronic Arts for comment, and we'll update this article accordingly should we hear back.

  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Releasing In September

    At E3 this year, Square Enix finally broke their silence on the lack of a Final Fantasy VIII remaster, long thought to be the result of a music licensing issue for the game's main theme or a complete loss of the game's source code, by announcing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. While not an overhaul on the level of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it is a markedly improved facelift for one of the most divisive Final Fantasy mainline titles. We now know that we won't have to wait long for the game to release, as it will be hitting September 3. You can check out the release date trailer below. Click here to watch embedded media The remaster boasts overhauled character models and, at least going by the trailer, seems to have all its original music still intact. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on September 3.

  • An Expanded Look At Death Stranding's Gameplay

    We all know that Death Stranding is part of the strand genre, but there are still a few mysteries surrounding Hideo Kojima's next title. During the Gamescom 2019 opening presentation, we got another look at Death Stranding in action. The game is visual stunning, and the gameplay seems to involve a lot of walking through an open world where you will deliver goods and reconnect the people who live in a fractured America. Click here to watch embedded media Players can scan the environment and use a variety of tools to explore/traverse an unforgiving terrain. If you fall down you might agitate the baby you carry, which would be bad. When this happens, players must cuddle and bounce the baby to make him feel better. Players will rock the baby by physically moving the PS4 controllers, using its motion controls. However, if you shake too hard the baby will get angry. And angry babies are bad! We also got a look at another odd mechanic, which lets players pee. I'm sorry, did we say odd? We meant incredible. We don't know much about this mechanic, but it might be tied to the game's survival systems, and Kojima said that players would be able to use this pee as a weapon somehow. Additionally, if people continue to pee on the same spot in the world, "Something good will happen." We don't know what that means, but during the demo, Sam's pee made a mushroom grow. Also, game industry journalist Geoff Keighley is an NPC in the game. Death Stranding hits the PS4 on November 8, but we should see a lot more next month at TGS. You can watch just the gameplay above, or watch Kojima's full presentation below. Click here to watch embedded media

  • Death Stranding's Baby 'Explained'

    At Gamescom, we got a sneak peek into what is sure to be one of the PlayStation 4's big holiday titles. Kojima got a stranding ovation when he took the stage to show off several new characters, and these characters help explain the role of babies in the game. The first character we got a look at was Mama, who is played by Margaret Qualley. This characters seems to be some kind of mechanic who has an invisible baby. What else do you need to know? Her baby was born on the "other side," but they are still connected through an umbilical cord. In the world of Death Stranding, babies seem to be connected to the afterlife and are capable of creating a link between the two realities. Click here to watch embedded media The second character we saw was Bridge Baby (shortened as BB). This is the baby that Sam (Norman Reedus) carries around with him. Sadly, BB's mom died when he was born, which means that the baby is connected to the world of the dead. This is how Sam is able sense other creatures on the "other side." I'm sure we don't have to explain the finer points of how this works, considering its pretty obvious. Death Stranding hits the PS4 on November 8, but we should see a lot more next month at TGS.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets A Weekend Alpha on PS4

    If you want to give Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's 2v2 experience Gunfight a try, you're in luck if you're on PlayStation. This weekend, players can dive in to an alpha experience that begins Friday, August 23. Players have five maps to explore in the bite-size Call of Duty battles that Gunfight brings to the table. This alpha does not require a preorder or any other caveat - just that you have to be on PlayStation. Check out the trailer below! Click here to watch embedded media Click on the banner below to enter our hub of exclusive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coverage.

  • Horror Title Remothered: Broken Porcelain Arrives Next Year

    A sequel to Remothered: Tormented Fathers is on the way. This new entry is called Remothered: Broken Porcelain, and it'll release in the summer of 2020. According to its Steam page, it features some similar gameplay to the first game, such as a plot with psychological horror, investigative puzzles, and stealth. Remothered: Broken Porcelain tells the tale of the mysterious Ashmann Inn, a place where there is a "looming threat of the stalkers, powerful hunters trapped in time and the confines of its walls." Check out the trailer below. Click here to watch embedded media Remothered: Broken Porcelain will release on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

  • You're The Prey In Predator: Hunting Grounds

    Click here to watch embedded media IllFonic previously worked on Friday the 13th: The Game, and while that title didn't entirely come together, it was full of good ideas. We hope that Predator: Hunting Grounds perfects the formula when it comes out next year. You can play as part of a group of soldiers or as a solo Predator. If nothing else, we'll laugh gleefully while hunting down fools as the Predator.